Curly Travelin’

Hi, my name is Ola...

…and almost 2 years ago I made the bravest decision in my life. I quit my job, the job that I truely loved, and within 2 weeks I flew off to the furthest side of the world – Papua New Guinea, and joined the polish crew on the yacht in their Sail Around the World. Since then I’ve been travelin’ almost non stop, meanwhile earning some money to support the new lifestyle, and living the way I want to, not the way I ‘should’. 

To sail around the world has been always my dream – came somehow out of nowhere, inspired by romantic images of sunsets and by uncertainty of what is behind the horizon. That romanticism ended up after a first week spent on the boat without a bath, but with sea sickness and the question in my head: ‘what, the hell, have I done?!’. But it was a beginning of the new adventure, new lifestyle, much more courageous and on my terms. 

So far I’ve visited almost 40 countries. I spent a half year exploring the USA, 7 months sailing in the Virgin Islands, over 3 months in Indonesia. I consider Palau one of the most beautiful place I’ve seen, the United States and Italy – some of my favorites and China – one of most surprising. 

I am also a psychologist. I love meeting new people, working with them and listening to their stories. Many of those stories I post on the blog, sharing my experiances and tips related to the traveler’s life.