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How I ended up in the Virgin Islands

I’m wondering how to start. Probably, by saying that in July 2017 I turned my life upside down. Not knowing a thing about sailing, I flew to Papua New Guinea to join the polish crew on the yacht, sailing around the world. On the way I fell in love with this Captain and thanks to his charm I haven’t finished the circumnavigation (yet),  but I spent wonderful 5 months in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. After going back to Poland and Christmas spent with my family, together with Glen we were trying to figure things out. I wasn’t ready and I didn’t want to come back to ‘normal’ lifestyle.

St. Thomas, my first Sunset in the Virgin Islands

And as it often happens in the moments like these, the universe gave us an answer. Glen picked up a phone call with a job offer in the Virgin Islands. And just like that, after a month, we landed on St Thomas – an island in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, one of 3 main American Virgin Islands. And as a team – Captain and First Mate, we spent 7 months in this paradise, working on charter yacht. During this time we were hosts on the boat that became our home.

Deep Blue 1
The boat – house and an ‘office’ in the Virgin Islands

We were cruising for 7 days at the time with families, couples, groups of friends and we tried to make their vacation the best ones in their lives. And in most cases – we succeeded. We showed to our guests good time, introducing them to the main attractions of the VI, to the hidden treasures, telling them stories and cooking for them. As it is in all of the jobs (especially, while working with tourists), there were stressful and difficult situations. However, working in an environment like this, is a wonderful motivation.

Girl playing on the hammock, British Virgin Islands

Chances in the life come and go, but some of them are only like one in a billion and it would be stupid not to take them. Going to the Virgin Islands proved me something that many people talk about, but not many people live by. That there are lots of options. That you can find a job while traveling, but you need to focus on solutions instead of problems. That you can learn almost everything, as long as you want to. And that it is worth to take a risk.

Cruz Bay, St John
Cruz Bay, St John, American Virgin Islands

If nothing else, just for the views like this one…


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