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You can always change your mind (to travel vs. not to travel)

When I was in high school, I was dreaming about a ‘the real career’, about the job in a big corporate company, well suited skirt and heels knocking on the perfectly polished floors. Maybe as an HR Manager, wearing some fancy glasses, taking advantage of the knowledge I had gained during my psychological studies. I tried. I was commuting to work for an hour every day, standing in a crowded subway, looking into bored, angry, unhappy or at least tired faces of strangers.

I strived for a change. I got a job related to what I love the most – travels. I was organizing tours and events, travelling with groups to the places I could have never afford to visit on my own. I was thinking about the job 24 hours/ day. I loved it. And I didn’t have much time to do anything else.

And out of sudden I got an offer to join the polish crew circumnavigating the world on a sailing yacht called Wassyl. Everything changed. Not only in my life, but most importantly – in my head.

It was 2 years ago and since then I have been practically travelling almost all the time. That’s what I say, that’s what I even think myself, but it is not really true. When I go back to Poland, in between the trips, I get involved in various projects. Last year, for 7 months, I was living in the Virgin Islands. Right now I am in Boston, working as well. I travel, but I make money too.

I redefined a word ‘career’ in my head. We live in the times of a global village, having unlimited opportunities to grow. Being born in Poland, as well as in other well developed countries, we won a lottery, because already the beginning of our life journey is easier. We can study for free, travel for relatively little money, nobody is dying from work overload (unless they allow it) and I believe that everyone who wants to work can easily find a job. We have a choice.

You can have many careers 

I believe that in today’s world we don’t need to choose only one career. You don’t have to start from the very bottom and climb up the ladder to become billionaires. Working hard to become a specialist in one field and maybe some time a CEO of a big corporate company or an own business. You don’t need to do only one thing during our lives. You don’t need to, but we can.  That’s the beauty of choice.

You can also choose multiple career paths. You can try new things, grow and learn skills from various disciplines. You can be a chef, a manager, you can teach others – although, obviously, you first need to learn all that stuff yourself. I don’t agree with the saying that if you do many things, you do nothing well. Determination is all that matters.

When I was thinking about my friends, who – while I travel – build their careers, I felt fear. I will be back from my voyages and they will be all set. With organized lives. And me – a little here, a little there, kind of having it all, but not really. But in the past couples years I’ve learned more than during my entire life. I don’t feel that I lost anything, quite an opposite. You can live to work and you can work to live. Your choice.

Don’t  fear a change

Today we have thousands of opportunities. We cannot make a decision as we are afraid to give up on something better. But if you get to a crossroad and choose one of the paths, you can always return. Just with more knowledge and experience. That’s why it’s worth to make difficult decisions, to choose a change, to try new things, to search for a passion, to change your mind! Yeah, evaluate your risk, but out of my experience – usually there is nothing you can really loose.

Life is too short to do something you don’t like. Try something else. After all, you can. 



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